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Journal of DOOM

manaw manaw doo doo doo doo doo! manaw manaw.

Because there's something wrong with me!
18 September 1980
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Lagoon is available for sale! First 20 dolls come with free outfits!

Do not read if you offended by swearing, sex, batman, asian ball-jointed dolls, transformers, blatant nerdiness, lazy people, or heretical christians.

And I make inappropriate sexual remarks about my husband sometimes. Okay a lot of the time. Not to mention other stuff. So my journal is set to "Adult Content."

If you want to friend me FEEL FREE TO DO SO! I have no qualms about adding you back... unless you just never tell me that you added me- in which case I just haven't noticed you're there. X3 I don't check very often. e.e;;;

dave is lurve. ♥
(this is the husband I make inappropriate remarks about)

woo~ i loves me transformers. X3

I like cartoons and anime and sci-fi and anything with adventure and good stories. I don't like confrontation. I get depressed and angsty often. I keep weird hours. I change my dolls fairly often. I also collect action figures of 80's toys, most often transformers.

ATM I own: Ghaleon the Shiwoo elf, Nathan the Hound, Locust St. John the Narae 42cm, Thundercracker, Clunker and Carmen (Machina Alphas), Cinder the Roxydoll Lucy tan, Ratchet the Black Camine DOT, Rumble and Frenzy twin Unoas(boy and girl), Penny Lane(peakswood), Fenris(65cm fairyland roke), Kleis(BlueFairy Olive) and V the Limho boy. Oh yes, and Prowl, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe and Soundwave the mecha boys. But they're not quite... finished yet. X3

If you have a question related to sculpting, casting, purchasing or release dates for my dolls, please feel free to use LJ's message system or leave me a comment. :3